Friday, March 18, 2011

Environmentally friendly cleaners in my house

With a large family as ours I sometimes feel like a cleaning lady.
Except I'm not paid.

I thought that I needed to clean the most when the children were small, but that's not true.
It's much harder to stay on top of things now they all have different schedules, different things to do and different ways of dealing with their stuff.
No way I can send them all at once to the bathroom to wash their feet, like in the old days.

When the boys had been outside and came in with dirty feet I put them all in a row and got their feet clean without problems.

A good wipe of the floor and that was it.
One cleaner was good for almost anything.

A friend said the other day that she wondered what kind of cleaner I'm using.
I showed her all my green cleaning supplies.
She was amazed I even use cleaner which are bio-based and environmentally friendly.

I was amazed about that.

Why would I use chemicals in the house when they're not safe?

Ofcourse I try to create an environment for my children which is as healthy as possible. And using the right cleaners is just a normal thing to me.


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