Friday, March 11, 2011

Don't you want to have a warm bed?

You wouldn't think so, because it's time to remove the winterwear from your wardrobes, but now is the perfect time to buy heated mattress pads.
CozyWinters not only offers great discounts of around 20 dollars, they also offer free shipping.

Now the sun is already creating a warm room in the afternoon, I feel like doing away with all winterclothes and bedwear.
We still put the heating on in the evening, but the warmth it creates is enough for the whole night.
Except on those few freezing nights which certainly will come during this month, and then the heated mattress pads will come in handy.

In the past those pads used to be not safe enough, but the past years technology has advanced so very much that heating pads can be considered safe when used properly and stored well.
The wires are very thin, and there are controllers installed that turn the pad off after a certain amount of time. For example after 10 hours.
They are machine washable, which adds to the comfort of using them, and they come with a limited warranty of 5 years. Which says something too.

I didn't understand what dual control meant.
It means that a pad includes two controllers, one for each side of the mattress pad.
So each used of a two person size pad can adjust the temperature to his or her own wishes. 2 outlets are needed, each one at a side of the bed.

To me it seems very convenient to have heating pads available in the sleeping room all year. Some summernights can be very cold and who doesn't want to have a warm bed?


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