Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Don't take your washing machine for granted

We take our washing machines for granted.
We shouldn't.

I've been confronted with deadly silence a few times in the past at the most inconvenient times.

Take that one time that I watched a machine that showed no movement or sound at all, two days before I was due in hospital to give birth.
Three small kids produce a lot of laundry and right at that moment I wanted to wash it all away.

Oh, did we feel lucky there was a shop nearby that sold washing machines.

A year later we found out that I'd been fooled, just as I thought.
They assembled a washing machine from old parts and sold it as new.
The repairman charged the shop. They paid.
There is some strange feeling of justice to know that the whole chain is closed now.

They didn't survive the quality tests on TV, the complaints on TV and the recession.

The washing machine they assembled lived as long as the others. It slowly died. First it didn't turn as well as it did, then it failed at certain programs and one morning I opened the door and water gushed over my feet.

The farewell was a happy one.

We bought a large machine I should have bought when we got a large family, just 3 months before one of the boys moved out and started to wash his own laundry.

Life is strange, but I've told you that before.


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