Thursday, March 31, 2011

Clean air in the house

Now spring is in the air I'm aware again of how much I longed for the fresh dry air and the smells of springrain.

Yesterday it was wonderful. The sun was shining bright and away from the cold wind it was really warm.
Today, however, it's grey and it rains. But the springwarmth is still there a bit and we'll get really summerweather this weekend.

Which also brings home: allergies.

The wind brings pollen and other allergens into the house and it's almost impossible to clear them away, it seems. I can dust three times a day and it doesn't help.
A real outcome would be to have a few air purifiers, so at least the livingroom and my bedroom would be causing less itchy eyes and asthma.
I have to be careful with cleaning things, because I also have chemical sensitivities. Each day I try not to use too many different cleaners, but at some days one can't escape that. Kids use those smelly deodorants and that's enough at times.

I haven't asked the insurance, but maybe I should ask them if they pay for those air purifiers.
Not a bad idea, isn't it?


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