Friday, March 18, 2011

Cheese and butter

The paper reported that a man of 87 years stole cheese and butter from a supermarket.
The employees suspected him already for quite a while but where not able to see him steal something.

But their close watch paid off: last week they saw him steal cheese and butter and he wanted to leave without paying.
The police was called in and he was arrested.

The fine: 170 euros.

On internet many people reacted.
Some said he must have been from a foreign country to do so. Others said it is a pity the way our society gives such a small amount of money to the elderly that the only thing left for them was to steal what they needed.

His age was also subject of conversation: why punish an elderly man that bad? Others said it was quite normal to punish people of all ages the same way.

One way or another the paper felt it needed to give more information about the man. He was of sound mind.

They forgot to mention if he always stole cheese and butter because he needed those groceries or because he was focussed on them.


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