Monday, March 28, 2011

Change of food

Healthy food in the school canteen has been one of the aims of parental involvement in schools.
Each school reacted different on the requests of parents to take away the unhealthy snacks, sweets and cookies, and replace them with apples and other healthy items.

The school of the boys was quite interested and they simply asked for a good proposal and when they got it they started a serious trial.

Much to their amazement milk and yoghurt were accepted by the schoolkids without any questions. Fried food was replaced by french bread with vegetables and a tasty dressing. No problem there either.
It might be that the teachers gave a good example, or maybe that the kids were fed up with all the fat food. I don't know.
But the transition was smooth and everyone was positive.

Not all schools were able to deal with healthy food, as Jamie Oliver showed at his series about healthy food and schools.
They needed a different and indirect approach.

So we introduced hydroponics, a way to grow plants on water with nutrients.
In the large containers at school we grew fruit and vegetables, instead of dull plants, so the kids could see what happened with their food.

Seeing it grow is best.

Gradually most schools have accepted healthy food as a must.
School should be an extension of the upbringing of the parents, not a place to ubdermine it.


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