Friday, March 18, 2011

A car means such a lot

It means such a lot we have a car now.
It's so much easier to go to a meeting.

we had a meeting this afternoon and all we lost was 1,5 hours, instead of a whole afternoon.

We also got the groceries in last week without them raining so very very wet.
And we managed to get a lot!!

I miss my fresh nose on the air though. I love bicycling, espcially in spring.
But the fact that my knee isn't hurting when I'm in the car whereas it aches a lot during bicycling is such a relief!
And ofcourse I like the fact that the kids can be fetched from a party so much easier, and that I can have a nice hairdo when I leave the house and have a nice hairdo when I arrive somewhere else.

Ofcourse there are also a few negative aspects. But we all know them, including the high parking fees in town.


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