Friday, March 11, 2011

Car insurance

The cost of gasoline is rising to unknown heights, so we are re-considering the use of our new car.
Well, new. It's a very nice looking second hand one. We bought it after a friend who is a car-mechanic reviewed it completely and made some improvements.
At that moment the prizes of gasioline were high but not extra ordinary.
We agreed with one of our sons to use the car together and we bought a notebook we leave in the car, where we put in our hours of use and destination. That way we can see at the end of the month who used it more often and who should pay the largest part of taxes and insurance.
We did the same in the past with friends and it worked out perfect.

Ofcourse with a son we end up paying the most.
It makes me smile.
Isn't that what life with kids is all about at a certain age?

He did however have a good look at to sort out insurances and such.
Which saved us a lot of time and thought I assumed, until I had a look at that site myself.
It's so easy to use that site, that I could have sorted things out for myself.

Well, we got a good quote, so the outcome is the same.


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