Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Can I go to Scotland with you, she asked.

Can I go to Scotland with you, she asked.

It brought tears in my eyes, because I asked the same question over and over again to friends who went on holiday.
But then I decided I WOULD go to Scotland to spend my last days, and hopefully earlier.

I still have the image in my head of how Scotland looked from a mansion in Scotland where I was invited.
It was not the grandeur of the countryhouse that touched me, even though it created a few stories that will be told for a long time, but it was the sight of glowing hills and lots of heather.

I've forgotten where it was. Not very far from Kendall I assume. But maybe it was.

But the feel stayed with me, and the strange knowledge that got into me that I belonged there one way or another.

Yes, Clavs, you can come with me.

Before moving we need to have a job, or create a business.
I'm OK to open a buddhist centre, a place where people can find a listening ear, support, and a place to meditate.
And I'm OK to run an eco-tourist centre, and... and... and.....

It's all open.

I would love to live near Oban, in one of those small white cottages with thick walls against the storm. Or on one of the islands.

I would be delighted to be in a small community where people know and trust each other, so we never ever would experience the alligations which are made against us.


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