Friday, March 18, 2011


The school of the girls organises special sporting events.
A few days before the actual day the girls get a list of possible sports and they can make a choice of three.

Horseriding is always on top of their list, even though the place is hard to find and difficult to reach.

Today we saw in one of the shops online breeches and they asked me if I was willing to buy one for each of them.
As they're at an age to work in a shop during the vacation they can earn a bit of money and save for riding lessons. Having breeches would sure means extra motivation to do so.

So we had a good talk about it and went through all the different models and fabrics.

I don't know much about horse riding, but I do know that proper breeches that fit to a T are of utmost importance.

So guess what happened....


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