Friday, March 18, 2011

Book shop

The day before yesterday we found a very nice bookshop where new books, and old and antique books were sold.

On one of the tables I found a microwave cookbook. The recipes looked like the kids could learn them. So that was the first book I bought.

Then I had a look through the piles on the shelves and found a songbook from WW2, and another one, and then I saw so many book worth reading that I kept those 3 in my hand and paid 2 euro for them.


When I left I realised I would have loved to buy the books about dancing too.
But we were a bit in a hurry as we had to buy some groceries and cook dinner too.

Today we returned to the shop.
The dance and balletbooks were gone.

But I found a small book with lovely drawings. Mine for 50 cents.

What an old fashioned prizes!!


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