Thursday, March 10, 2011

The best engagement rings

It's almost spring and the first announcement of a new engagement landed on the doormat today.
About fifteen minutes later the phone rang and my friend asked if I had coffee so she could come over to discuss engagement rings.

Why do people think I know everything about everything?

While I was waiting for her I looked at the most beautiful rings I've ever seen: scott kay engagement rings.

Scott Kay is not only very creative in designing the most delicate looking jewelry, he's also the person who created a whole new market for platinum. Apart from that he's the person who's in favor of using SK Cobalt for rings that should last for more than a lifetime.

His statement that one never should compromise when making a choice for an engagement or weddingring made me remember him.
So by the time my friend arrived his website was on the screen.

Curiosity made me ask her why she came to me and didn't go to town with her future fiancee.
Because she wanted to know what she really wanted, she said. Which sounded quite rational.

And there we sat. Two friends. Commenting on the most beautiful rings in the world.
After an hour she had made her choice.
And I will carry it to them during the engagement.

Let's hope I don't want to exchange hers for my simple engagement rings of 25 euros.


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