Friday, March 25, 2011

Because it's possible

It's like many humans have degenerated or regressed to childlike behaviour.

Take for instance the fact that phones are not private enough.
One can listen in on Vodafone by using the computer.
So it's done.
People listen in on phones of others, just because it's possible.

Is it done because they want to know something they can't find by asking the person?
No, is the answer, because it's possible.

Are they bored, so they look for something sensational to do?
No, is the answer, because it's possible.

Now tell me, it's possible to jump from the bridge here.
It's possible to jump, almost everyone can climb on the railing and jump.
It's possible.

No, they don't do that, because one might get hurt.
Hmm...good reason.

But one might get hurt financially when listening in on phones, because one should respect the privacy by law.
Ohh... Well, they won't catch me. Is the answer.

So these people are not grown up enough to control their own actions.

A conversation like that reminds me of talking to a kid that stole tulips from my garden.


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