Thursday, March 10, 2011

Be careful on twitter

Be careful on twitter.
A while ago a 17 year old girl joked on twitter that she was going to put her school on fire. She was arrested and released the following morning. So she had to spend her night in a policecell.

Kids never learn from each other, do they?

So a boy made the same boring joke and was arrested too. He was 13 year old, and probably too young to spend a night in a cell, so he was released the same day.
It still has to be decided if he will be brought to court.

Ofcourse kids can't burn their school down. Well, they can, but they shouldn't.
And ofcourse they should show respect for belongings of others, public properties and authorities.

But how serious do authorities take themselves?

One of my classmates said the same when I was at school. The teacher told him he was ill in his head and sick to take good education away from himself and his schoolmates.

Now a lot of money is invested in finding a kid, arresting it and jailing it.
Where are the people with a degree in child psychology?
Do they really think that display of power has a good influence on jokes and on kids?
Do we really want children to grow up in a culture of fear?


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