Saturday, March 26, 2011

Bags are packed

Everything is ready.
The cases and bags are packed and only some drinks, snacks and ofcourse bread need to be added.

Yesterday it looked like we had a disaster coming.

I had taken almost all cases down from the attick. The huge ones, the small ones.
Two of them were best. Middle volume.
One a bit smaller than the other.

The kid who has to go to Spain too the largest one, leaving the girl who couldn't get in contact with her partner, with the smallest case.

My choice was to say nothing and just wait what would happen.
At this age some initiative, realism and altruism might be expected after the upbringing they've had. Some trust from me must be enough.

The one with the smallest case came down after a while.
"I can't get everything in it. I can't rely on that family for towels, a cardigan or something else that needs too much space, because i can't get in touch with them. I need to take more with me than my sister, so she should see some reason."
"Hun, just wait. It will work out one way or another. We always have a large one and we can even go to the shoppingcentre and get a new one."

After a while the other girl came down.
"Did you have enough space?", she asked her sister.
"No, I have to take a lot more than you and I even travel further from home. But you tool the largest suitcase."
"Yea, but there's no space left, so I can't switch."

I joined the conversation. "Then what did you take with you? One denims is enough, you should wear a cardigan under your coat, and one pair of slippers is enough."
"Yea, right. I have to go upstiars and see if I've put too much in there."

A few minutes later she called her sister and switched suitcases.
Everything fitted and they both had some space left.

Problem solved.


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