Thursday, March 3, 2011

And the second one left

Our second exchange student left today.

The goodbye was completely different from the one of yesterday.
Many people cried and lots of promisses were made to see each other again.
I was moved to tears several times too, as were many other parents.

At home we still have some items of the girl, as she couldn´t take everything back.
It´s no problem at all, as the return of the visit will be within a month and my daughter can give those items back when she´s there and use the space for her souvenirs.

When all the bags were in the bus and all the kids seated they left, with lots and lots of people waving until they couldn´t see them anymore.
Because my son had to go to work we had to go, but many people still stood in the parking lot. Talking.

At home we all felt a strange feeling of emptiness.
She has become part of the family and by being absent she was more present than ever.

It was great to see a reserved person like she become spontaneous and enjoy a lot of things.
I feel happy she had such a good time and happy the kids had a good time too.

It´s good we had the foreign girl stay at our home, otherwise one of the girls would have had a very bad time due to that inpolite boy.
Now it was great!


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