Friday, March 18, 2011

Accidents and compensation

I just saw an advertisement on TV about personal injury.
The scene showed a car hitting one waiting for the traffic lights.
The person in the front car got a whiplash and was afraid of all the medical bills.

I love the advertisement because it makes people aware first to think before starting to worry.
It's the same message the attorney tucson gives on the website of The Hameroff Law Firm.
There are possibilities to obtain compensation for the loss of mobility and other injuries suffered for example in a car accident. The financial compensation enables you to pay your medical bills and feel a lot better.
Compensation means also acknowledgement of what has happened to you.
Take for instance a dog bite. You may have felt panick and a lot of other feelings when the dog attacked you. Still people often dismiss it with a band aid and perhaps a few stitches and a shot at the emergency department.
Proper compensation makes the owner of the dog aware of his responsibilities towards the safety of other people and makes you feel society takes your injuries serious.


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