Thursday, February 3, 2011

Wasted time, effort and money

Sometimes I wonder if schools know what they are doing.
They invest a lot of time in things that have no use at all.

Take this evening.

One of my daughters wants to become a nurse.
She has looked up information, she's talked with nurses, she's been in hospital, etc etc.
Her second choice was investigated the same way and her choice was clear.

Still she was forced by school to go to an information evening.

It started at 19.00 hours, so we had to hurry with dinner to be in time.
Her homework wasn't finished, I had no time to eat.

It was out of the wuestion to have her go alone, because the school she had to go to was in the outskirts in town, and I can tell you, it was dark there. Very dark.

We arrived there...sat for hours at different places, listening to people who were reading aloud their premade powerpoints. Half of the information was given three times.

The only positive of the evening was that we had a talk with a maternity nurse who told my daughter she expected her to see at hospital in such a lovely way that I could have hugged her.

We arrived at home at 22.30 hours, and homework still had to be done.

Why didn't that school put those powerpoint presentations online, instead of sending one or two people per subject to that far away school?

It was wasted time, effort and money.


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