Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Uniform and a caring machine

Our son is a security warden in traning at the hospital and university.
He looks so handsome in his uniform, even though his face is still one sided paralysed.

Today he has a nightshift again.

His uniformblouse was dry just in time.

So it was almost a disaster... and it was due to me this time.

When his father and I worked at the hospital and university our labcoats and other workclothes were washed in the central laundry.
We never had to care for it and one way or another I had the same feeling about the uniformblouses of my son.

Oh, yes. When I'd made the button on his blouse and put the blouse in the washing machine I was right of mind. No problem then.
But that was as far as it went.
The blouse stayed in the machine and I forgot all about it.

OK, plenty of excuses this week. Too much to do.
But that inner voice only started to talk half way this afternoon instead of early in the morning.

By that time the temperatures outside were high enough for our heating to stay cold.
The son was burning at the roof, where the central thermostat is, so it didn't do anything. Even not when I put it on 23 degrees, 24...25...

An hour before my son wanted to dress up it was still wet.

I do have a dryer, but I hardly use it.
This time I had to.

It often malfunctions, telling me that the waterbox is full, whereas we have a pipe, so the water is removed immediately.
I was nice to the machine.
I even told it I wouldn't mind if it worked on 40 degrees, just for this once. To be nice.

This time the machine cared and did what it was supposed to do.

My son put on his blouse, which was shrunk only a little bit.
He sensed it.
I was still holding my breath when he said he would go to the clothing department to ask for a larger size of blouse, because at cold days he wanted to wear a t-shirt under it.


He's now walking through the corridors I walked so often during the night.
Sometimes because we had to work on an experiment, sometimes because I was called in for an emergency.

In my mind I walk with him.

Memories of long ago.


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