Friday, February 25, 2011


Today we decided to use the morning to buy our autistic son some new trousers.
As he has a special size we needed to go to a shop that is more expensive than others, and I kept my fingers crossed they would have sales.


The expensive trousers were 10% of the normal prize! Woohaa. Just for a couple of days.

It took our son 3 sets of fitting before we had the right fit.
The backpart needed some adjusting, but shops like these do that too.
So I had the service for trousers of 200 euro. Me oh my. I felt so lucky and lazy.

We bought him 3 trousers. All a tiny bit different, and a very nice sweater.
Everything together was far below the amount of money we expected to spend.

His father bought a pair of trousers too, 2 blouses and a vest.

I was so delighted they had such a good choice that I forgot to have a look at the ladies' part of the shop.

Isn't that stupid?


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