Sunday, February 6, 2011

To a stormy sea!

Because we still had 4 tickets for a day free on the trains and the last day to use it was yesterday we went.
We is the oldest son, the girls and me. A perfect combination to travel and enjoy our time, we have found out. The others rather stayed at home, so they did.

When traveling to Amsterdam, on our way to sea, we heard someone say there was a complete airplane in the hall of Amsterdam Airport. So we changed our first destination without any problems.

It was not a complete airplane, but parts of it. We could have a close look in the cockpit and the girls even sat there. What a great preparation on their international exchange next month.
Ofcourse we had a look outside. We've been there before, but it's always great to see the airplanes landing, standing and taking off.
The storm was quite fierce, so the flights of the larger airplanes were cancelled, but it was interesting to see what happened there anyway. One of the planes had quite some problems landing, but it all went well.

Then we went to Amsterdam, because the oldest had to fetch something. When we arrived there we had a look in a very nice shop with felted hats and other etnic items called Shirdak.

We also payed a visit to the Tibetan shop and to our favorite, what we call, buddha shop.
After looking at some more shops we went to Subway to get what we call here "healthy bread" and took it with us to the train.
I consider those half breads with vegetables and a slice of meat far too expensive. But they tasted nice.

And then we arrived at sea.

It stormed.
The sand blew like a sandstorm and we girls protected out faces, but the man in the company didn't. So he ended up with a good facepeeling which was a bit overdone at some places. He didn't mind though.

I walked close to sea, so the sand couldn't get at me.
For years I've been longing to be at sea during a storm. It wasn't as bad as the day before, but well enough.
In the past I've been at sea with my father during a fierce storm that left some sailers ill, so I've got a great respect for that force of nature.

I enjoyed it all such a lot, that it's clear to me where I have to move.
Like I said before it'll be the west coast of Scotland, if possible. If it ever happens maybe the Hebrides. Being as close to nature like being at sea in this heavy storm seems something very natural to me.

We all enjoyed out stay.
It wasn't cold for most of the time. At the end of the afternoon the temperature went down though, and we had to leave anyway.
I hope to be back soon.

On our way back we left the train and were lucky to get our food at a very good place. We've written the adress in our booklet, because it's well worth to go there again.

The storm at sea did me well.

It gave me lots of inspiration, plans and ideas.
It also gave me the chance to be with some of the children without any disturbances.

Thanks for all the congratulations and nice words.
They're forever linked to these memories.


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