Sunday, February 20, 2011

Through the wire...yep, that one.

Yesterday we were confronted on the phone by someone who stood high on the ladder to be able to look down on us. Or maybe it was just ego talking to non-ego.

Yesterday we heard from the exchange student that she was able to bicycle, but only short distances. When my daughter asked how long she said: "about 30 minutes"
That's not long here as from home to school is about 45 minutes.

Last week we bought a car. A second hand. To bring the kids during these interesting weeks to where they need to be. A friend who's car mechanic adviced us, so we had a good buy. Just in time.

As things were hectic here, we had no time to inform the family where she would sleep, but it wasn't a real problem, because we could fetch them in the morning, bring them to school, etc etc.

The suddenly that woman called. So we said it was nice she called, and informed her about the new developments.
I won't go into all the details as you might fall asleep while reading.

She didn't agree with bringing the kids to school. First she was angry that the girl told us and not her, and secondly: none dies from bicycling.
Apart from that she had some other requests, which involved more time at her house, and also all the time at her house at the first day.

I tried to be reasonable, listened well and found out that the school requested meals at her place for our guest. Huh????

I tried to come to an agreement, saying that I could imagine my daughter wanted to show her guest her own house, but the woman got so very irritated.... and angry... I was in utter amazement.

When I said she wanted to go to ballet with my daughter I was called irresponsible etc etc.
The girl in question loves ballet and has about 10 lessons a week. She asked to be able to dance with my daughter.

I stayed's the request of a guest, and the result was that she decided to call the classteacher to ask for permission. ??????

So the teacher called....

I explained matters and we agreed ballet should stay in and the girls would go to the sleeping place at a reasonable, read early time.

Will be continued.... I'm soooo tired!


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