Monday, February 7, 2011

Those flowers are gorgeous!

I don't often "like" pages at Facebook, but I did when I heard about the special offer of Proflowers. With today's flower order you'll receive a glass vase or a discount on a premium vase.
Isn't that great?

I absolutely love Purple Dendrobium Orchids and I've seen they're among the favorite
flowers in San Francisco too.

Next week it's Valentine's day, a perfect opportunity to surprise a loved one with flowers.
Proflowers offers them in every price category.
I've even seen a bamboo, shaped in a heart, but also lovely white roses and gorgeous purple tulips, among traditional pink and modern multicoloured bouquets.

Don't forget to surf the whole site, because there are also multi-day gifts (what does chocolate mean to you?) and options for fruit, cookies, wine and spa baskets, among all sorts of other presents.

I advice you to slip some information about Proflowers into the pocket of your lover. He;d better make the right choice!


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