Monday, February 28, 2011


An empty stage makes me creative.
I sat there in the theatre, on the balcony, and saw the stage that's so familiar.
I've danced there so often.

How great it would be to create a choreography there (again).

But this evening it was the turn of my kids and their schoolmates and exchange partners.
All classgroups performed either songs, dance or something else.

Because at the school of the girls it was said the other countries were far better they invested a lot of time and energy in creating something nice.
They did very well.
The boy who is the exchange partner of one of the girls and who ignored her had boasted when he was at our house that he played electronic guitar very well.
He couldn't. 6 chords and he lost it halfway the piece. It was good a teacher was playing along, so not much was lost. He dared to shout in the microphone. That was his success.

Among the other pupils there were some huge surprises. Maybe not technical miraculous, but spontaneity and enthousiasm sparkled. That was so good to see.
We enjoyed it to bits.

When we went home we met some nice new people and then were so terribly tired.
Still a few days to go.


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