Friday, February 11, 2011

Sport Edition Stroller

When my children were born we still used large prams.
I was one of the lucky mothers to have a lightweight one that allowed the bed to be taken off.
I've never discovered the "lightweight", as the wheels alone were quite heavy. The bed was 7 kilo without baby.

When my thrid baby was born we bought a modern stroller: two wheels in front, two in the back, a seat that could be converted to a bed, but very lighthweight.
I enjoyed the thing to bits, and when another baby was born I bought the bed that belonged to it, so I finally had a lightweight pram.

Sonce then the whole design of strollers has changed.
They're far more ergonomic for the child, and driving is easy. Very easy!
With one wheel in front short turns are made without any problem and lifting the wheel on the pavement can be done without any real effort.
I bet the new parents won't have as much muscle ache and backache as we had in our time.

Today I saw the bob revolution se stroller.
Me oh my, what an interesting stroller that is.
SE stands for sport edition.
It's firm and can deal with all sorts of terrain.
The child can be in it very confortably, under a generous canopy.
The footrest offers perfect protection for all weather. I can't tell you how many burned feet I've seen during summers, because parents weren't aware that babies can suffer from sunburn there too.

With a stroller like this one can walk for miles, but also jog on uneven terrain.
Let's hope the baby enjoys that too!


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