Sunday, February 27, 2011

School learns

The past week has been very interesting.

One of the girls has a lovely exchange partner and her friend too. So they did quite a lot together.

The other girl had a boy as an exchange partner and it has been a disaster.
He treats her like a lower species.
He doesn't stick to the rules at all, but plays nice guy to the grown ups.
After the first days he was still a jerk at our house, so we reported it and said that maybe he would behave better at the family where he sleeps. There a classmate sleeps too and it's boys with boys. he behaves far better there, maybe because his classmate will talk with his parents when they come home and he's afraid his parents will hear about his behaviour.
They will anyway, because we and school decided our daughter won't stay there when they go to Istanbul. They may be nice parents, but their son can't be trusted at all.

Yesterday evening they had a party and his classmates were sneaking away to drink alcohol and there are strongs signs they smoked hashish.
When he noticed my daughter knew, he approached her and told her, not asked her, but told her, to keep it silent as it was a secret.
She hates secrets, and she doesn't accept being ordered around by boys.
So she told us, and we called the school.

Our plan was to pick him up at his sleep family and bring him to the teachers, but he was already away to town with other boys.
Someone forgot to inform our daughter about those plans.

Well, we agreed with that family he'll stay there, so that's it.

It's such a pity that her exchange is a disaster,
In spring a friend offered me and my daughters a stay at his home in Istanbul to get some quiet. I wish we would have done that.
Istanbul should be seen with a good feeling in mind, not with bad experiences.


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