Monday, February 7, 2011

Safety for teenagers on internet

One of the main issues here is safety on internet.

The school almost forced the girls to take a facebook account, because it was such a great way to communicate.

Well, parents, watch your teenagers!

One of the issues are photos.
Some kids think that nothing happens with those photos. But I've discovered that they can be taken from their profile and used in a kind of photo collection with photos of who-knows-who?
I've filed a complaint against this at facebook, so we now can wait and see what they do with something like that.

Another issue is that teenagers listen to our warnings and guidelines for using facebook and that not all of them see the need to show desidered behaviour.
Me oh my, what I've read on facebook from rather nice girls... Pooh. A dirty mind can be hidden behind a lovely face, let's say that.
They're now aware that everyone can read it, and it can be read many years later too.
Like I said to another parent: their future employers, their future friends, they all can look it up. Long after they've lost contact with the boy they like so very much now.

It worries me too that school stimulates children to use their own name on internet.
I don't think I need to write much about that.

The aim to improve communication between the exchange partners is nice, but not realistic.
One of the girls already has a very good contact with the girl she'll meet in person two weeks from now.
The other girls is hardly able to talk with the boy she needs to exchange with. he doesn't speak proper english, and we don't speak his language. He's presenting himself as a person which can't be liked, so I guess we have to treat the boy for culture shock when he comes here.
The whole facebook thing is for that daughter a complete disaster, as she isn't looking forward to the exchange at all. We've even promised her that we'll take the next plane to istanbul when it's necessary.
She's a realistic, sensible girl, and she knows how to deal with people, so we trust her in her judgement.
But first the guy will be visiting here, so we can see if he's the person he seemws to be from internet.

Maybe the old fashioned way of polite letters before the exchange was far better.


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