Saturday, February 19, 2011

Part with half the group?

During the exchange two boys celebrate their birthday and the hosting family throws a party for their exchange kid and have invited the other birthdaykid along, with the class from abroad and half the group of our daughter.

To complicate the matter even further: the party is at the other side of the border, in the neighbouring country.

What would you do?

My daughter is not invited, but her exchange student is.

I've written the parents, giving them a way out by suggesting that they might not know that half of the class hasn't received an invitation, maybe due to.. and a few reasons.
I've send a copy to the contact persons of school.

I'll wait until monday (I think now) to contact the teachers. These two weeks are heavily subsidised weeks, ment for people to get to know each other. Not to exclude each other.
We are responsible for our exchange student and we take that very serious. Well, the same way as we want the foreign parents to take care of our children.

I feel I can't be responsible for someone I don't know when he's unseen at a party in another country about an hour driving away.
The german police is very firm with people from his country, so in case something happens there's trouble around the corner.

What do you think?


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