Sunday, February 13, 2011

Our Count Down - 19 - the day before

The bag is packed with all the paperwork we might need.
With the tape of the conversations, because in the letter to the court it was stated that we remembered our conversations in another way than they did. The tape proves who remembers well, and it this person.
With photos of the girls and friends from the past years, to show that what was written about the lack of social contacts of the girls was a complete lie.
With summaries of the last parents meetings, which say the girls are allright.
And with all the emails sent to and fro.

We're not going to take a lawyer with us. We just can't afford one. School requieres too much money and a lawyer is too expensive.
We want the girls to participate fully at school, so it left us no choice at all.

As far as necessary I'll present the case.

I know everything about our family and I respect court enough to speak the truth, even though the last ruling was a huge mistake.

I'm nervous.

I want the truth to win, not people with egos and a job they want to keep.

We're a good family and I want that acknowledged by the court, not denied because other people lie.

I hope child protection will refrain from objecting against the decision of childcare to stop guardianship.
Otherwise I have to reveil their lack of interest in finding the truth. They just accepted what those 2 teachers said and based everything upon their statement. One of them was not taken serious anymore after it was discovered we were not members of a kind of sect, as she stated. Pity it was discovered after all their interviews, because they looked at us from a frame of mind that didn't fit our situation at all.
The teacher that was left for them to use to make their case has been told at school he won't be a groupteacher anymore and he's not allowed to speak with parents anymore. He also has to refrain from characterising his pupils and to leave that to psychologists.

He said our girls were depressed, were afraid to go to school and had no social contacts. We asked childprotection to wait until the school started again so other teachers could have their say too. But childprotection was in a hurry to get us in court and to get the father out of the family.
When the guardian spoke with school matters were settled.
He heard the kids do OK, are very social kids, not afraid, not depressed and they had never been that. He referred to bullying.
Yes, one of my daughters was bullied, for instance because she has an autistic brother, but she could deal with that. She was not a victim because she was bullied that way. The bully was the nutcase, not she. The guardian tried to make a point but the teacher was very clear: failing teachers are not the fault of pupils. There were things very wrong in the group due to the teachers and my daughter shouldn't be held accountable for that.

That meeting was crucial to everything, because it turned out that all the way we had spoken the truth.

We've never seen the guardian since then. But we got a letter stating he would ask court to stop guardianship.

I so hope that the judge will make the right decision now.

We're all tired of fighting against the injustice we've encountered.
we want to go on with our lives with the feeling that we're just ordinairy people.
I know there are far worse parents that we. We're good parents and we're a good family.
We now want the rest we deserve so the children can grow and develop themselves in a balanced way.

I don't mind people watching what we do, because we do it well.
But I do mind it when it's done because a judge belieed people who were not speaking the truth... and I bet each and everyone of them was well aware they were not speaking the truth at all.
As a buddhist all I can say they'll get the karma they deserve.
We will too in the end.

See you tomorrow.


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