Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Our Count Down - 18 - counting down

We're truly counting down now.

The date has been set for the new courtsession: on Valentine's Day.
Not the best of days, as one of our sons and his friend from school have an important exam and his father wanted to bring him and his friend. Now they have to go alone by train and have to find the location for the exams by themselves.

But it's getting near now and I hope the days won't be too long.
Yesterday I suddenly realised it's next monday and the nerves had a free game.

The girls have difficulties concentrating at school. Like us they have lost their trust in these socalled professionals. We've gone through so much injustice because of them.

I try to keep our spirits up, that's all we can do at the moment.

Much time at school is taken by the preparations for the international exchange. It starts about two weeks from now with our foreign guests arriving here.
I wish we knew someone who speaks turkish, because they all are at facebook and the discussions of the boys there don't sound well when taken through the online translation sites. I do know how my own language comes out when it's translated from english, which is very straightforward, so I don't think I'm getting the right impression.

Well. We won't take a lawyer with us next monday.
We're still paying the bills from the former one, and he didn't do us any good.
When the judge doesn't trust the opinion of youthcare and doesn't want to hear what we say for a second time... where are we then?

In court we all should have an equal say, so it's our turn to be heard now.
And I think I can say it myself well and clear enough.

So we're counting down and hope this ordeal will come to an end and finally justice will be done.

Please, your prayers and good energy are very welcome.


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