Saturday, February 19, 2011

Musical performances

Many singers show a vast difference between studio recording and life performances. Even very famous singers are among them.

I've always admired Alicia Keys & Beyoncé. I thought them to be among the top, but after today I don't think so.
I heard a life recording of "Put It In A Love Song" and I was shocked. Not only were they not able to listen to each other and merge their voices in one, they just sang bad. Their singing technique was far below that of an intermediate amateur. Awful!

Maybe those better performances of them we can hear online are the result of a good sleep, no smoking and a colon cleanse, I don't know.

Then I heard a life recording of Keri Hilson. Just voice and guitar and it was great, as was a life recording of Train accompanied by a Ukelele. The last was awesome. And a sheer delight.

It makes me long for the days in the past that we just sat down and played our songs and sang our hearts out. Wish one of those friends came here for an evening with his guitar to take me back in time.


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