Friday, February 25, 2011

Lack of sleep

This week we didn't only have the exchange, but we also had to deal with strange waking times for one of the boys.
He works as a security guardian in the hospital, thus finishing the last part of practical work of his studies.

He needed to wake up at 4 in the night to be in time at his work. He needs to go on his bicycle, because the busses or not on the road that early.
Problem is that he has difficulty waking up, so he needs assistance.

Imagine mamma calling him after she slept only a few hours....

His early morning/late night shifts are over, so I might be able to relax a bit and sleep well, but I just feel like I have to watch the alarm so it will sound in time.
Sleep is far away.

I'm not a person who grasps tablets or pills, but in this case I would love to use the best over the counter sleep aid to get enough sleep and wake up refreshed.
I look so pale I'm sure I'll frighten any ghost.

With a guest in our far too small house, I want everything spic and span, so I try to give all sanitairy items a quick clean before going to bed, have the laundry done, etc etc.

Don't tell me I should take time to relax. I know.

I think I will after everything has returned back to normal.


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