Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Guest 2, day 2

Guest 2 arrived a lot later than expected.
She's a lovely girl.
Already on internet she and my daughter established a relationship and when they saw each other both were happy.
Because her mom is a teacher she arrived too.
It was very nice to meet her. Such a lovely lady.

Things went very smoothly. The speech at school was short and to the point. And within no time we were on our way home.

It was such a difference from yesterday.

Ofcourse we had to get used to each other, but we all were trying and soon we felt like the girl had been here all the time.

They both went to ballet.

Things got complicated when my other daughter arrived home with her guest.
He seemed to have lost his little ability to communicate altogether. He lost his ability to pronounce words properly. No, it was not tiredness, because when one of the boys asked him something he was able to answer well.

When the girl asked him something about his time of arrival he ignored her twice. The third time her southern temperament sounded through. She had lost her patience with him already.

When it was time to bring him home none objected.

Because the decision to have the girl sleep here, we had improvised things and not everything was the way I wanted.

After some homesickness we got a hug and soon all three girls were sound asleep.


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