Sunday, February 27, 2011

Good equipment means a lot

One of the boys is to another meeting of the army reserve.
They're organising camps for young people and practical training for older people.
You should see their uniforms and their equipment.
Yesterday, before leaving, he showed me his new glasses and his bushnell binoculars.
Bushnell is famous for it's optical quality of its products for over 50 years, and their customer service is outstanding, as my son and his collgues have experienced.
They got very good advice when they were looking for new binoculars.

My son needs good equipment as an instructor, but also because he's their photographer.
As his night vision equipment is very trustworthy he can preset his cameras and make photos no one else can make.
That way he catches training situations which can be discussed later, both by the staff and the people directly involved.

Because some of the people there are very experienced guys, he has learned a lot in a very short time.

Interesting is that he's very humble about what he does there.
But he does a lot, I've heard that. And his efforts go well beyod what is expected from him.

In that way he resembles my dad, who died when he was still a baby.


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