Friday, February 18, 2011

Contact, at last.

After bringing to the attention of the teachers that one of the girls can't establish proper contact between her and her exchange student, he suddenly was available today for a long time.

No ridiculous answers anymore, but a serious exchange of facts, so we know a bit more about him now.

He's not practicing religion and he's allowed to eat pork, so we threw our dinnerplan away and opted for normal cooking, so he'll be enabled to learn how we live, bake and cook.

Now the arrival of the exchange students is just days away there's a certain tension observable.

One of the girls had an accident at school yesterday.
I don't understand why the gymnastics teacher didn't opt for a ballgame or something like that but took the trampoline to practice.

The kids are so very tired of pushing a complete month of lessons and homework in too little time that accidents could be expected.

It's very unlike my daughter but she forgot to grasp her knees when making a salto and one of her knees smashed in her face.
Ofcourse the teacher did nothing more than asking of things were OK.
It's the teacher who said that we were members of a you know how observant she is...haha :((((

My daughter came home with a very painful knee, pain in her face, jaws. Today she still had problems eating.
She doesn't have broken her jaw, but it's bruised badly.

Ofcourse we pampered her..


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