Thursday, February 10, 2011

Diet in different countries

We're preparing for a student exchange and we're looking into the different ways of cooking.
In different countries different ingredients are used.

Here our diet is ruled by the vegetables of the season. When one eats the dishes of the season, with enough variety, one eats healthy, it's said.

But now the girls are moving to countries around the mediteranean sea, they will be confronted with different vegetables in their food.
Do they need diet supplements?

There's no one who can answer this question, but it's interesting to hear the different views of people.

Some say that we must follow the habits of the country and all will be well.
Others say the girls must substitute to the limit of our food, and there are also people who tell me not to worry, as the time they spend there is limited.

I tend to say that it's only important to take supplements when they're suffer from intestinal problems.
The countries they're going to are known for a high rate of vomiting and diarrea. So I've warned the kids for what happens when they're not completely hygienic with their food, and how they should solve the problems.

I think that's enough. What do you think?


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