Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Today I had to go to the dentist again.
The second step of the implant.
When I arrived there were private security guards outside, a few posh cars and the waitingroom was completely empty.
So somewhere in the building would be at least one important patient.

One of my sons is a security guard in training, maybe that was the reason I was the only patient allowed in the building. Who knows.

There was no waitingtime, and the assistant and I had the time to have a talk before the dentist came in in a very cheerful mood.

He made an incission above the implant, took the screw off and replaced it with a cap.
Next appointment would be thursday, but I didn't want that.
Manipulating my gums always results in inflammation and I didn't want him to work in there so soon after the incission.
He agreed, so I'll go a month from now.
Penty of time to heal.

By that time the swelling will be gone and when they made casts for the final tooth it will be closer to the gums.

When I walked through the waitingroom it was loaded as always. Outside the posh cars and their passengers were gone.

Last friday a friend of my son had a severe accident and he's at home with wounds, a swollen hand and a leg from top to bottom in a cast. He and his friend who was in the accident too, had at least been on the road in the pouring rain for half an hour, and they had been in hospital without warm covering for at least two hours.
His mom is away and he asked me to keep an eye on him.

So when I came back from the dentist I paid him a visit and inspected the wounds and his leg.
His wounds are healing properly, but he uses the hand far too much. It's still too swollen, so I gave him instructions how the bring the swelling down.
Yesterday my second son gave him the firm instruction to put his leg higher and he was sitting properly now.
Another friend of my son arrived there too and we all had a good talk about friendship and being yourself.
I've known these young men from the time they were babies and it's such a delight to see they're such sensible guys. They really care for each other.
For the girls too.

As one of the exchange students is still an unpleasant mystery they said they would support her anytime she needed it. So I'm sure there will always be a boy to bicycle her home.


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