Friday, February 25, 2011

day 4

It's like we're in the exchange for ages...that´s how tired we are.
We have to look at the paper to see which day it is.

Yesterday we had to do such a lot that it seemed like we were walking the clock all day.
One of our sons helped out by cooking part of what the school needed. We had to make a main dish for 12 people at a school dinner, and we had to make dessert for the same amount of people.
We decided to buy applepie with whipped cream, as we had no time to bake them ourselves.
Our son made pancakes with all sorts of fillings, and had people translate the ingredients in different languages. Just marvellous!

Again one of our daughters came home with complaints about the boy.
Teachers had forced them to work together, but he gave no input and when she finally wrote down her vision on the subject he copied the lot.
If there's a thing she hates it's copying.
I can only hope he copied her language mistakes too.

The picture about him is rather clear. My daughters suffers more and more because of his rude behaviour. She can deal with quite a lot, but it looks like she's becoming an outsider in her own group due to him.

Instead of doing my work and blog about all sorts of subjects, including colon cleansers, fashion shows and photography, we went to school to the mass dinner.
The pancakes and applepie disappeared soon. People liked them. So that was great.
We were hardly able to fetch something, because it was so crowded and by the time it was our turn most was gone. We managed to get something our friends made and it tasted very well, even though we had to eat standing. There were not enough chairs. We had subscribed for 8 and came with 4, so we wonder how much we would have had to eat if we all had been there.

The boy looked me in the eyes at a certain moment, but he didn't bother to say hello. When my daughter went to him he was gone.
She tried, oh yes, she tried.

Then suddenly the dinner was over. On our way out one of my former clients approached me as a fellow mom. She knows my daughter is a very lovely social young women and she told her not to think it was due to her.

At home we found out he told the teacher she was not saying anything to him!


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