Monday, February 21, 2011


On sunday our first guest arrived.

In the morning the people where he would sleep called and within a few moments we agreed on times, him having dinner there on tuesday because that fitted best on the program, and some other minor things and we had a lot of laughs.
The woman on the phone sounded like she was my best friend.

Then we went to school to get our guest.

We were in the car going home when we were called on the cellphone. The classteacher told us to call the family where the next guest would stay. The girl was expected to arrive the next day.

The classteacher told us the family wanted a meeting to reach an agreement about times and such.
I expected problems so again I checked things, the classteacher agreed with me and I told her we wouldn't be able to meet those people because our first guest had just arrived. We agreed to call.

So later they were called by the father of the kids.
I thought it better he'd do it, because sometimes women react better.
He got the man on the phone.

At first things sounded well, but then I heard: "That would mean my daughter won't be able to be alone with her guest at all, which is strange, because it's not your daughter's guest, but my daughter's guest."
Some more was said, and it sounded like the other party had plans and there was no way we could adapt them to our needs. So it was not about reaching an agreement, but about making us obey them.

Then something else unwanted was said and my daughter started to cry.
She came to me and I talked with her a bit.
On the phone both men tried to convince the other. The party in the other town kept saying we had to do it their way and their plans were best, and our side tried to reach some private time for our daughter with her guest.
Turned out the first day they wanted the guest to go to them straight after arrival and my daughter was not allowed to take the girl to her own home, as we agreed with the teacher.

Suddenly I was fed up with the whole situation, and said loudly: "Gentlemen, the situation and disagreements are over. She's going to stay with us and sleep here, even if it means sending our own children elsewhere.
If the host is not allowed to show her own home to her guest, not allowed to introduce her own family to the guest, and there's no consideration for the fact that she can't bycicle and certainly can't deal with the distance of an hour from home to school, and you won't allow us to bring her by car, I have to step in and I have to end this conversation before people are going to say things they don't want to say."

So while I was trying to communicatie with someone who could speak about 10 words of english, I was thinking how on earth I would be able to create a decent sleeping place for our other guest who was about to arrive a day later.


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