Thursday, February 3, 2011

Broken earring

He's autistic and he hates to go to the shopping centre.
But now and then he feels he has to go and my birthday was one of this occassions.

Making a choice is a huge problem, so he asked me a list of gifts I like and the places where he could buy them.
His father gave him money.

He was all set to make my birthday special.

Waiting at the shopping centre was a nice girl who studies for pedagogic worker and who meets him every week for about an hour to talk about subjects he needs to learn to talk about with other people. like money, where he wants to live, finding something to do in his spare time etc etc.
All subjects he can talk about at home, but we had the feeling he needed to learn to talk with others about those subjects too, as we won't be around all his life.

I asked to girl if she did mind to shop with him for a birthdaypresent and she said she like that a lot.

To my surprise he came home with...nothing.

She wanted to talk about living elsewhere, a subject we welcome as he needs to find his place in society.

The girls offered to get something from the list and he made the choice for a bag with 10 jewelry pieces from the sales. A kind of a gamble as one never knows what's in it.

He gave me the bag with a big smile that looked like a bit of victory. He managed to get a present, even though it was not the way we intended.

In it two sets of gloves: grey black striped one with half fingers, and black ones with fingers. Very nice and welcome.
A pair of earrings with christmasstockings,
a small hairband (immediately used by one of the girls) and some other small items.
And a pair of earrings...which were broken.

His face clouded and he almost started to cry.

It was a small moment of tragedy, and he blamed himself for not going to the shops himself.
He said sorry so many times we got bored.
The earrings can be brought back and exchanged for other ones, as they were from the sales.

So I'm thinking of making them into something else, but at the moment I don't know anything else than trash...


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