Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Binding books

Today I assisted a friend who has written her thesis.
She got the first printed version a week ago and I've been proofreading it all.
As the thesis was on psychology I had no problem reading it to find typing errors and errors in logic.
It was quite a job, as I've got more to do, but I think all mistake were found.

Today she got the final printed version and it looked amazing.

To save costs she decided not to go for a normal bookbinding but a Velo binding.
That's a plastic binding through holes at the side.

We had the opportunity to use a combined punch and bind machine, so we asked the printer to deliver the paper there, which was no problem.
In the past I used velo bindings and it was a lot of work, as each step of punching and binding was an individual one.
Now we only had to put the paper through the machine and the complete book came out.

We were ready so much faster, and I didn't have painful fingers as I used to have.

At the room we put the ones that needed to be at the university in the internal university mail. She had prewritten envelopes with her.

Het son came to take the rest home.

Tomorrow we'll send these and then she has to wait until she's invited for the first review by her professor.

That will be well.


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