Tuesday, January 18, 2011

You do need ceiling fans.

It may seem strange to talk about Ceiling Fans now it's still winter, but my experience is that this is the perfect time to install new fans.

The budget is still available, the choice is optimal and you can even make plans to make more changes in the rooms with a Ceiling Fan, before the springseason starts.
Spring seems so much brighter in a newly furnished room, with freshly decorated walls.

I used to think that ceiling fans were not of use in small offices or at home. I thought that opening a window was more than enough to feel comfortable during hot summer days. But the past years have showed a change in temperature and humidity in such a way that I've changed my mind completely.

So last year my main goals was to Find out who makes the Best Ceiling Fans here!
I went to some offices and some shops where ceiling fans were used and asked them everything I wanted to know.
I felt a bit awkward asking about their convenience, where they were bought, and more of these questions, but found out that people didn't mind at all. I was in each and every case kindly referred to those who were in charge and I got all advice they could give.

In all cases Hansen Wholesale Ceiling Fans were mentioned as the best. So there's no doubt about that.
One of the people of the insurance company said they had fans from another firm, but they stopped working at the time they were most needed and the repairman couldn't come in that week because he had so much to do.
They contacted Hansen and got all the advice they needed and it was easy to make an appointment to get the fans installed. The costs were far less than expected. Hansen is 15 years online now and during all these years they have guaranteed the lowest prices online.
Hansen offers all great brand names like Minka, Casablanca, Emerson and Hunter.

In case you're interested, because you do need ceilingfans to feel happy during those hot summer days, you can find the answers to all your questions here. Including how to maintain them, al about energy savings and even about the history of ceiling fans.
When you want to contact customer support, don't hesitate. They're so very nice.


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