Thursday, January 27, 2011


Today is my birthday and I hope I'll get something from my wishlist.

I know I won't get the gardenhouse I've wanted all my life. A small place just for me, when I can sit down and enjoy the quiet gardenlife. A place to put my things the way I want and to have some silent computertime.

My second wish is one of those wonderful corner flat tv mounts.
I don't think the TV should define a complete wall anymore. Some of the people who live here won't agree with me and they would rather take the TV with them to bed and bath, but hej, it's my wish, and I listen more to the TV than I have time to watch, so...

I also would love to go for a week to London.
I know, I know, the past years I've said that more often. But it hasn't happened yet and I would love to spend some time away from the daily things. I won't mind taking the kids with me, as long as I won't have to cook.

The rest of my wishes are far more moderate. I love small presents like earplugs and such. I love vintage jewelry and a lot more.

So let's see what happens.


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