Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The willow tree

Those who know me know I fell in love with this area of town because of the huge amount of nature.
It had meen a swamp in the past and the trees reminded people of the history of the area.
One could feel that human beings were just a part of nature, not the boss.

In our garden we found an old weeping willow tree.
It was beautiful.

It made me think we had a part of a sacred past to care for, and caring for the tree I did.

I enjoyed the seasons, the years. The branches I had to cut to keep the tree healthy were used for presents, for baskets and for hedges.
Even when we had the opportunity to move we said we wanted to stay and felt tied to the tree.

Last year the tree died.
It was during the time that we made the decision what to do when the children have their diplomas, the time that I decided not to grow old in this country.

I´ll never know if there´s a connection between it all.
I tried to root some branches that seemed to be alive. I´ve often done that with success, but this time nothing happened.

The space in my garden is empty now.
I´m thinking about ordering a new tree, or cutting some branches of the willow tree near the lake and try to get roots on them.
But it will never ever be the same.


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