Monday, January 10, 2011

The water is rising

The water in our rivers is rising.
Because of the higher temperatures the snow has melted and the water comes our way.
In areas rather far away there has been a lot of rain too.

A bit more south streets are flooded and the expected level here is as high that we need special protection.

Our town is partly protected by an age old wall. The part that has been gone through time has been repaced by a new wall with large spaces for the road.
Now these spaces are closed with doors. In between those doors horse menure. The best protection against the water.

Today it turned out that even that's not enough.

So special aluminium walls will be built at a higher level.

Farmers have brought the animals to safer paces and several other people have propeared for the wave of water which will reach us.

Some people are afraid that the dykes won't hold.
We aren't. But that's because we live at a meter higher place than the surrounding land, and we're living quite near a bridge, so higher grounds.

Let's hope all will be well.


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