Thursday, January 27, 2011


When the R was in the name of the month we used to get fish oil.
A spoonful!
It was eh...not nice.

A couple of years some doctors decided keeping healthy should be fun and we should eat lots of oranges.
Not all of them were sweet and tasty. Most of them were bitter and sour, and the peels were thick and couldn't be removed easily.

We were lucky our family doctor was in favor of cooking healthy and not taking vitamins. She tested her patients regularly and any shortage was the cause for a series lengthy consulations with a dietician. I once went there with a friend and I pitied her.

we never were vitamin freaks and I'm happy we were not.
It would have masked a metabolic disease I have and I would never had the proper treatment.

Ofcourse I followed the recommendations for use of folic acid before and during pregnancy.
That was already the time of one a day vitamins, the multivitamin capsules, that contained everything to stay healhty, it was said.

Taking vitamin supplments has become a normal day to day routine for many people.
Some don't even know what they are taking, because they think they can solve all healthproblems with a single dosage of vitamins.

Most people won't be harmed by them, that's true.
But it's always good to ask your doctor if you really need them.
Some multivatamins contain iron.
Do you know that some people are very susceptable for a disease that causes iron to stay in your body at far too high levels?

So take care of yourself in a good way and get informed properly.


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