Thursday, January 27, 2011

Uniform and prom dresses

Yesterday my son worked for his first day as trainee security in the academic hospital, in the university and at the premisses.
He looked wonderful in his uniform!

He paraded through the house to give me a good look and I could imagine him walking thought the long corridors with a group of youg ladies in prom dresses.
He didn't smile, so I couldn't see his facial paralysis, and he really moved me.

This is his last step towards progression in his professional life.

At valentine's day he takes exams in some subjects and when he passes he's got two more days to do his practical work, ensuring a timely exam in may or june, so he'll get his diploma before the summer vacation.

His wish to work at the hospital was so large that he applied for the job himself before school said they were allowed to apply, and then he ensured they didn't forget him. And now he doesn't hide between the facial paralysis, but he went, without moaning.

His new boots were a real problem. He tried them at the beginning of the week and he feet were covered in blisters. They were worse yesterday evening after 8 hours of walking. Today I dressed them properly and he got in the boots again.
I wonder if I would have done that.

He just arrived home in his new jacket with emblem of the security service.
Wow!! That handsome guy is my son!


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