Thursday, January 27, 2011

Storage in houses

The old houses here in town have lots of storage.
The older the house, the more.
I've been in houses that had all sorts of visiable and hidden places to keep belonings dustfree and well kept.

A friend lived in a house that had secret storage in each stair of the staircase. It could be used for papers or jewelry, for instance, without anyone knowing. Using the storage boxes balanced the noise so much that his wife put teatowels in the boxes that were still empty.

The new house we came in here contained almost no staorage at all.
One large wardrobe in the attack was all we had, and a few cupboards in the kitchen.
We tried to place more storageroom in each room, but we're still having problems putting our stuff away.

As I have some collections that take rather a lot of space, there's always something standing freely around.

How about your house and storage?


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