Monday, January 31, 2011

Some truth?

Today my daughter tried to get in contact with her exchange partner.
He just came online and had no other choice than to answer here.

Yes, he didn't put the right date in facebook. He's 15.
And the photo of someone smoking was just interesting. He doesn't smoke.

Before she could ask anything more and without asking her any question he disappeared from internet.
Just finished the conversation.

We're considering he might have told some more tales.
Staying however is the post on facebook that was indecent and his flirtations with her classmates.

We'll give it another day.

We were glad to hear friends arrived safely home from Egypt.
They saved money for many years to travel there, but their safety was not guaranteed where they were staying.
It's sad they just had a few nice days and have lost all the money.
Maybe they'll get something back from the travelagancy.
I hope so.
Dreams can be so fragile.


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