Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A small change

Because it's the week of putting the christmasitems in the attick, we feel like it's time to make changes and start springcleaning.
I know it sounds ridiculous, lots of winterdays are have still to come.
But the house looks so different without the christmasornaments, and the light is already getting different, that we feel like it.

For quite some time now I have wondered if we could change the lamps beside the stairs.
I've never really liked them.
They were put there when we moved in and they were so good that none of them has broken.

But still it's time for new wall sconces.
I have seen some very nice two-bulb ones online at lightingshowplace and I want us to seriously consider buying them.

First I'll paint the walls though.
That's not such a huge job as it seems.
I can reach everything without special equipment and only at the landing whole walls need to be painted. Beside the stairs only half walls are in need of new paint.

No extra expenses need to be made for the paint, as I still have far enough waiting to be used.

Unlike before I'll remove the lamps.

We women have our ways to make clear to our husbands that a house is ready for asmall change.


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